Ned Jaquith Foundation Grants – How to Apply


The Ned Jaquith Foundation is offering grants to promote bamboo research not to be limited to the following areas:

o   Art research

o   Botanical identification

o   Collection

o   Education

o   Environment issues

o   Genetic preservation

o   Habitat restoration

o   Propagation techniques

o   Utilization

Grants can range from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars. If a request exceeds the available funds, partial funding may be available; document other funding in the application. The Foundation will utilize applications, images and reports on its website, displays and presentations.

Who may Apply: Preference will be given to faculty, fellows and students affiliated with credible academic, research or non-profit organizations. The principal investigator shall submit a resume or curriculum vitae.


 Allowable Expenses will include travel for work in the field, materials, supplies, labor and equipment. Other expenses are negotiable with proper documentation. An itemized project budget is part of the application.


 Funds cannot be used for costs incurred to prepare this application, salaries for the investigators, ongoing general organizational support such as rent/utilities, loans/debt retirement, emergency funding, financial capital.

Responsibilities of Investigators: The Principal Investigator is responsible for obtaining all necessary collection and importation permits, particularly where living plant material is involved. Grantees will prepare interim reports to the Foundation as requested and a final report or article to be published in the American Bamboo Society (ABS) peer-reviewed Journal.

The application schedule is as follows:

  • February – Grant Guidelines available
  • October 1 – Deadline for submission of Grant Applications
  • October  7 – Acknowledge receipt of Grant Applications
  • October – Evaluation process
  • November  1 – Notification of all applicants of the Foundation’s selection

The Application Process is GREEN. The Application is limited to three pages. Grant applications are submitted as a PDF file. This will allow the Foundation members to review all materials without the expense of copying and postage.

Grant Application Format (three pages)

I.               Cover Sheet


Date Submitted

Project title

Applicant name, address, phone, email

Organizations involved

Total requested from the foundation

Project duration

Date for final report/article

Other benefits to the stated mission of the Ned Jaquith Foundation

 II.              Proposal

Project title

Proposal including introduction/background, objectives and significance, preliminary work and data, proposed work and project description, how success of the project will be determined, project participants with qualifications and responsibilities,


Educational objectives/benefits

 III.            Budget

Project title

Itemize total project funding required, from all sources

Funding requested from the Foundation

Attachments Required:

Resume or Curriculum Vitae (maximum two page)

Biography paragraph (maximum 1000 words to be used in announcements)

Applicant Statement (to be used in advertising)

Letters of support/recommendation (max. three, one-page-each)

Additional Attachments might include:


Work samples/Supporting materials/Published materials

Photos as appropriate (1/2 – 3 MB)(limit to ten)

Please save all files with last name_title.pdf (example: Jones_collection.pdf)

Requirements of Grant Awardees

  1. Provide material for announcement of the grant at the American Bamboo Society Meeting in November 2017  (
  2. List “This project is/was supported by the Ned Jaquith Foundation” in all written materials
  3. Use the foundation logo on any displays or presentations
  4. Submit higher resolution images as requested by Foundation

Final Reporting Requirements

  1. Complete project by October 1, 2018.
  2. Submit final report or article to be published in the ABS peer-reviewed Journal.
  3. Submit a two-page end-of-project narrative, a budget summary and at least one photograph (1/2 – 3 MB). Additional photos and videos are welcomed. The final report is due by October 1, 2018. If the project is completed earlier, complete and turn in your final report within 30 days.

Contact Information

Ned Jaquith Foundation
c/o Bamboo Garden
18900 NW Collins Road
North Plains, OR 97133

Email the Foundation